Birth photography is a fairly new genre of photography; particularly in Georgia. Although documentary birth photography is fairly new, it is steadily growing as a luxury photography experience. Read my top 3 reasons why you should hire a birth photographer.

Beauty in Birth

Would you want to capture the moment you met the love of your life?

There is so much beauty in birth! I can remember moments when I tell someone I am a Professional Birth Photographer and they are stopped in their tracks. Some even say, "Who would want to document that?" I always tell them that The Birth Experience I provide is the visual documentation of women being born into mothers! What is more beautiful than that? During labor and giving birth (delivery), not only will I document your beautiful child(ren) coming into this world, but also the beauty that overcomes you as you become a mother. Similar to a wedding, you have planned for 10 months or even longer in many cases if you have tried to get pregnant for some time. When that moment comes, you will want more than photos on your phone, you will want a story. As your Professional Birth Photographer, I will unobtrusively capture your birth experience without interfering with it, and it will be beautiful!

Emotional Connections

Who is going to capture the moment when your partner lays eyes on his child for the first time?

As a Professional Birth Photographer, I will capture one of the deepest emotional connections of your life. During the labor and delivery process, you body will go through changes that you may have never felt before (especially if you are a first time mom). You may often rely on the support and love of those around you in your birth space. Your partner and family are there for a key reason, to support you during the delivery process. Hiring a Professional Birth Photographer will provide your family the ability to fully support you in these life-changing moments, while also entrusting me to intentionally and artistically document your child's birth story which can be in your family for generations to come. You will always be able to show your child(ren) the moment that you met them, and when you instantly fell in love with them.

Price of Birth

How do you put a price on a moment you can never recreate?

Documenting births is one of my most important contributions to documentary storytelling. The life- changing experience you will have during the journey of delivery is something that cannot be repeated. I am so proud to prepare this story for you. Your birth story is something you and your family will have to cherish for generations to come. Much like a wedding day, but this will be the first time you meet the love of your life. With a Professional Birth Photographer, I will be doing more than just taking an image, I will be freezing a moment that will only happen once. Due to the unpredictability of birth, the skills involved in documenting a birth, it does come at a cost and many consider it a luxury experience. I conveniently provide clients with multiple payment options including a gift registry. If a gift registry is something you are interested in, you can view a sample one here.